Saturday Night’s Guest Speaker: Chris Hodge of Worthy Brewing


Startup Weekend is pleased to welcome Chris Hodge as guest speaker Saturday Night! At the height of the mayhem we will get a great jolt of inspiration from Chris Hodge. And yes, Worthy beer will be on tap…

Chris Hodge

Chris Hodge
Chief Beer Executive
Worthy Brewing Company

“Chris Hodge has spent the last 28 years living, breathing, marketing, and selling craft beer,” said Chad Kennedy, Worthy’s Head Brewmaster. “With Chris in the wheelhouse, Worthy can ramp up production, stimulate demand, and close sales from the git go. He knows how to build a brand and generate sales.”
Those in the industry know Chris Hodge as the Director of Specialty Brands at Columbia Distributing, which is Oregon’s largest distributor and one of the top 10 in the country. “I consider myself one of the most fortunate people in the beer business,” said Hodge. “I have had the honor and pleasure of working with dozens of the world’s best known and highest quality breweries. I love everything about this culture we’ve created. The passion, joy, and creativity in this business make it hard to have a ‘bad day.'”
“As much as I’ve enjoyed shepherding some of the most successful brands in the business, I’ve always wanted to run a brewery myself,” he continued. “I’m thankful for the support and friendships I’ve forged over the years at Columbia, but can’t wait to get started launching the Worthy brand.”