Meet the judges: Eric Anthony Spieth


We are thrilled to be welcoming a great panel of judges for Startup Weekend. They have diverse expertise to really look at the merits of the Startup Weekend Pitches from a variety of disciplines. This series of posts will introduce them one by one.

Eric Anthony Spieth
Business Faculty

Eric Anthony Spieth is a member of the business faculty at Central Oregon Community College. He received his MBA from Humboldt State University and a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts specializing in Digital Film and Communication Design from California State University, Channel Islands. He is also team lead for the COCC | Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence and Design | CEED, an entrepreneurship program focused on and for the community and students interested and committed to taking an idea from concept to launch. The CEED program will relocate from the Bend Campus to the new Redmond Technology Education Center in 2014.