Presentation Do & Dont’s


Happy Pitch Day!

Here are the slides from this morning’s discussion on presentation tips. Be sure to PRACTICE every chance you get!

Pitching Order

  1. Bend Life – Events/Conditions aggregation for Bend lifestyle enthusiasts.
  2. She Digs My Gifts – Our team is creating an interactive gift guide for men buying gifts for the women in their life.
  3. Feed Your Need – A dairy free, gluten free, GMO free, soy free whole food sold in 1-4 oz bites. Each bite will be for different aspects of daily life. We currently have prototypes for pre-workout, post workout, and energy.
  4. Coco’s Haven
  5. EasyHealth – Online scheduling for medical appointments. Allows providers to upload un-booked appointment slots and patients to find available times that are convenient.
  6. PozApp – Creating and promoting an oasis for supportive peace and comfort in the midst of crisis
  7. RipeList – An online facilitator that connects people who grow food with people who want local, fresh food 24/7